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2019 has started off with great gigs and bookings. I've been working on my second album which I hope to release in the next month or two. Watch this space!


October, November & December

I'm now back playing at local gigs and private functions both in Toronto and Grey Highlands / Blue Mountain area.


I have now returned from my road trip and am enjoying playing at local gigs. The trip was inspiring in numerous ways and has given me lots of 'food for thought'.  I have returned with many plans and many new songs to write! And BTW I am now an honorary Newfoundlander as I did the 'Screeching in' ceremony on King Street, St John, and kissed the cod.......


I have lots of photos to show! I have put a select few in the slide show below as there are too many to post individually. Enjoy!


My road trip to the east coast continues and I have met lots of remarkable and interesting people along the way. My gigs in the various towns have been a lot of fun, as have the open mics that I've been able to find.

This month I have been in Monckton (New Brunswick), Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island) and Halifax (Nova Scotia). The photos are a selection of locations I've been to - the stunning coastal scenery, the night lights of Charlottetown, the famous lobster dinner, and finally the gorgeous soft sand of Prince Edward Island.

I continue to post to Instagram so if you haven't seen the short videos please do so!!

I love the pianos that are put onto the streets during the summer; such a great idea! Real music on a real instrument in a public place - what more could you want?!



July saw the start of my trip from Ontario to Newfoundland.  The month kicked off with four performances of my one man show, “Outlaw: the Rock ‘n Roll Story"   in Kincardine at the “Bluewater Summer playhouse’. I had a great time performing and want to thank all to the theatre staff for their great support and to everyone who came out to see the show, filling the seats in the theatre.  A great way to start my three month road trip!


After Kincardine I went to Ottawa and stayed in The Old Jail House that is now refurbished and serves as a hostel! Onwards from there took me to Montreal. Here I had some more great gigs, but also enjoyed the street piano set in an intriguing spot. Thank you to Sonia LaRonde ( for an amazing photograph.


After Montreal I travelled to Québec city. I was lucky to have a friend that I’d met in Nashville travel with me. The hostel was right in the old city so it was lovely to wonder around inside the ancient walls and enjoy the stunning architecture of the city.


After Québec I was on the road for nearly 8 hours as I drove to Monkton, New Brunswick. After checking in at the hostel I wondered around the town and found some great places to play in addition to the ones where I was already booked. In between playing I was able to explore the surrounding area and enjoyed part of the beautiful coastline. (Photos on Instagram).


So July ends but my journey continues. I am really enjoying the travel, cities, small towns and interesting people that I am meeting along the way. Check back for August and don’t forget to look at my Instagram and YouTube posts!



What a month June has been! I've very busy playing at private events, at many open mics and a variety of other venues (including Collingwood Library), plus had a great time interacting with other musicians.


I have also released my FIRST album of original songs!! "Tennessee Sunsets" has 10 songs: Tennessee Sunsets, Wake up, My someone like You, I Don't Know What I'd do (Without You), International Business Woman, Homebound Man, Got a Hold On Me, Alright Now, Home is Where You Are, and, California Dreaming.


The album is available to purchase wherever I am! It will be released in digital format on the first of August.


And now, I'm packed ready for my trip from Ontario to Newfoundland! Really excited about doing this trip and looking forward to performing at lots of venues and meeting many people, not to mention seeing the great landscapes and towns of eastern Canada.

April & May

April has been an amazing month with lots going on! We have hopefully seen the last of the snow and are now looking forward to the summer months and many music events.

I have really enjoyed going to open mics and regularly attend Jozo's on Monday (Blue Mountain Village), The Potato Factory on Tuesday (Collingwood), Ted's Diner (Meaford), and The Crow (Collingwood). It's great meeting amazing musicians and having the opportunity to enjoy each others skills.


May was another busy month with many private events and a few public ones. Please keep in touch by emailing me or simply reading my web page for listings. There are videos of events on my Facebook page so please take a look. Major videos are always on Youtube which is readily available to everyone.

February & March

Continuing  to find places to play for my summer trip; so excited about going out and meeting people in person!


Had great fun at the Valentine Mission Zimbabwe fund-raiser on Saturday 10th February which was held at the Victoria Jubilee Hall, Walkerton, Ontario. Met some great people and amazing fellow musicians.


I'm enjoying the great music scene in my locality, playing at many open mics in Collingwood and the  surrounding area and jamming with lots of great performers.


The New Year is upon us, and there are big plans ahead! I am currently preparing for "Outlaw: The Rock ' N Roll Story," and for my big trip out to the East Coast, all the way from Kincardine, Ontario, to St. John's, Newfoundland. Also, on February 10th, I'll be performing at the Victoria Jubilee Hall, Walkerton. Best wishes for a fantastic New Year!


Please revisit this page as the year progresses for photographs and news!!



In the meantime, please enjoy the News from 2017!


This video was taken in Toronto during 'The Taste of the Danforth' , Canada's largest street festival that attracts over 1.5 million people!


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