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November & December

This month I am excited to be developing and promoting my 2018 Show: "Outlaw - The Rock 'n Roll Story". I already have some venues booked but will release dates in 2018.


As part of organising this tour I went on a 'road trip' this month driving from Ontario through to Charlottetown, P.E.I., stopping en-route in Montreal, Quebec, Fredericton, St John & Halifax and numerous small towns.


On my return we hired the beautifully renovated Victoria Jubilee Hall in Walkerton to film my promo video.. I had played here in February so knew that it was not only a beautiful location but that it also has great acoustics.


On 9th December I played at Maillos Restaurant Thornbury as part of the Olde Fashioned Christmas, and on 28th December at the Simcoe Street Theatre, Collingwood for the Frozen in Time Festival.

September & October

At the end of August I travelled to Nashville for a 2 week visit. I have always wanted to visit Nashville and the city didn't disappoint! I stayed at a fantastic Youth Hostel and met lots of really interesting people. It was great having jamming sessions with like-minded musicians. Of course I did all the 'sites' of Nashville too! It was an awesome trip!


Back in Toronto I am now playing at Ciao Europa in Liberty Village alternate Fridays (see my schedule), and have also had some great evenings at Sassafraz.


On Saturday 23rd September I was invited to play at the well attended Collingwood Art Crawl event. Stationed at one of their fantastic 'Street Pianos' I entertained for 2 hours to the event visitors. The weather might be currently unusual but it made Saturday evening so enjoyable as it was very warm! It would be so nice if other towns embraced the Street piano concept.


October continued to be a busy month with private engagements via both my website and For November I am planning a road trip to find venues for my up and coming show called "Outlaw: The Rock 'n Roll Story". More will be revealed soon!!


August has been a wonderful month filled with many memorable occasions and performances.


I sang with the Cassablanca orchestra at The Taste of the Danforth which is Canada's largest street festival attracting over 1.5 million visitors! Luckily the weather was kind to us and we had a lovely sunny day.


The next day I entertained with the Toronto Starlights Orchestra in Scarborough for the Sunday Serenades at the Scarborough Civic Centre.


These photographs are by kind permission of Chris Robart.


July has been a very full and fulfilling month. I've been doing what I love best - performing to audiences!!


I started off the month with celebrating Canada Day in Thornbury and Feversham, playing to local residents and visitors; luckily the rain stayed away for my outside bit!


I joined Paul Fracassi in Kincardine for his "Walk like a Man" show and had a great time playing at 4 shows to a packed house. The local Theatres of Ontario are amazing places.


I also sang with the Philips Weston Orchestras. Last Sunday we performed to a reported audience of 3000+ at the Mel Lastman Square in Toronto. It was a beautiful summer's evening, perfect  for good music and dancing!


May & June

Both May & June have been a very interesting months! I have had some great performances at the 120 Diner, the Mount Pleasant Library and also at Sassafraz.
My big news in May - as mentioned on the front page - is being accepted to perform with the Sheraton Cadwell Orchestras at various events during the summer. To sing in front of a orchestra is amazing and I am really looking forward to the coming months.
I'm continuing to produce "The Sebastian Ellis Show" which is available to see on YouTube so please tune in and watch!!

March & April

March and April have been mixed months of performances. I had a great time at the 120 Diner, Church Street, Toronto on Thursday 16th March and Thursday 20th April where I joined many artists for fun and music packed evenings. I have also been to a number of open mics hosted at 120 Diner, The Paupers Pub piano bar on Bloor Street. In addition I had a wonderful evening at Sassafraz, Yorkville, where I was invited to sing and play a couple of sets of songs consisting of a mixed variety of material.

I am really looking forward to May with more performance opportunities and nicer weather!!



February has been an interesting month with a good variety of opportunities enabling me to perform at various venues, including several large events.

Each month in 2016 I have kept you up to date with my news (which you can read by clicking on the link below). As we are now entering 2017 I have put together a visual journal 2016 which I hope you will enjoy!



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