Sebastian is available to perform at both Private and Public functions in the Toronto and south Georgian Bay area.



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Robert James

I saw Sebastian at The Bluewater Summer Playhouse for his show, "Outlaw: the rock'n roll story". What an amazing performance! Looking forward to seeing more of Sebastian on stage. I also have his CD which is a great mix of original songs.



Sebastian Ellis Music was invited to our Community for an evening show. The show was a sell out and a great success. Most of us had never heard of this talented young man, lively music a bit of comedy and the night was a hit. Can't wait for his visit to our town of Kincardine next summer.



Debbie Cornish

 I booked him for an event at our community clubhouse and he totally impressed the residents. He had the audience clapping and toe tapping .... a true entertainer and performer. Two standing ovations and a call for an encore from the audience so that their evening would not end. I was asked repeatedly if I had booked him for next year. I would not hesitated to have him come back and perform for us again. Highly recommended.



Sara Dworianyn

We hired Sebastian for a corporate reception and he was fantastic. We received many comments from our guests about how great he was. I would absolutely use Sebastian again for one of my events and would recommend him to anyone. You will not be disappointed!



Pat Parsons

An amazing thing happened when we had Sebastian perform at a local ski club event. These days people don’t seem to get up and dance the way they once did, but that night everyone in the room was up dancing to his music. People I’ve known for twenty years as skiers, but not as dancers, were up moving to the beat.

We enjoyed ourselves so much, we are trying to arrange another date when Sebastian is available to have him perform again. He appears to have endless energy as he sings one song after the other and our only task is to try to keep up with his large repertoire of music.



Linda Wykes

Awesome!!! Our Rotary Club is always looking to support young people and when we saw Sebastians youtube video, we were quite pleased that he was able to perform at one of our events. He is a very talented young person and we have booked him for many other occasions. Best wishes.



Faisal Hussain

Brilliant! I saw Sebastian Ellis play twice at Sassafras on a Friday evening on a recent trip to Toronto. He has such stage presence and a collection of songs that will make you get up off your seat and dance away to his music. And if you look closely you will see fantastic speed of movement on the piano while he plays his solos to 50's rock and roll!

I would recommend anyone who is free  to go seek him out and enjoy his music while he builds up his career as a musician in Canada and the world. Can't wait to see you play again Sebastian!



Sarah Horner

I hired Sebastian to play at my father's 75th birthday celebration. The crowd (all ages) was completely impressed with his talent and the music created a wonderful ambiance in the room. He was prepared to take requests and made sure that he had a sense of the guests coming in advance of the event. I couldn't have been more impressed by his talent and professionalism. I would highly recommend this young musician for your event.


Prentice Smith

I have watched Sebastian develop into a professional entertainer over the past three years. He has played a local jazz events in the Southern Georgian Bay area as well a small social parties. Sebastian performs his own material as well as a great deal of diverse popular songs, great vocals and tremendous piano ability. He demonstrates a casual easy presence on stage engaging his audience.



Bruce Taylor

Our social sphere has had a number of functions with Sebastian providing great dance music for our boomer generation, and then he easily changes tempo with softer background tunes at cocktail party's. I'm sure as Sebastian's repertoire continues to grow from his start in 50's rock into other musical genera he will continue to expand his success.



Brian Bailey

I have seen Sebastian progress remarkably over the last 3 years and he is a mature young man now. He has worked hard growing a large repertoire. We have hired him for our Jazz by the Bay events, He drew a large crowd that was very enthusiastic about his solo performance and his commanding appearance.






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